Our expert consultants work in strict technical verticals and geographic regions. They listen to you, learn what you need and find a solution to help you secure the best candidate for the vacancy. As specialists in the technology industry, we are dedicated to building and nurturing networks of skilled tech professionals within that niche. Combined, we have decades of experience, having successfully recruited across the UK and HK in both permanent and contract roles. We invest in our talent and, in doing so, attract higher-quality candidates, leading to long-lasting placements and satisfied clients.

“Tell us more about your requirements and let the matchmaking begin.”

10X Tech is proud of its ability to adapt to changing trends while always maintaining the highest level of recruiting standards for both our clients and our candidates.


Our innovative and collaborative style is unmatched in the recruitment industry. We’re able to see beyond the surface to create matches that result in successful careers for our candidates and valuable talent for our clients.


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